Make a Difference

Find out more about sustainable practices and green energy solutions 

  • Green power generally refers to electricity generated by the sun, wind and water. It’s referred to as renewable because it can’t be exhausted. Learn more
  • Wind farms generate more than 10% of the electricity produced in 9 U.S. states. Learn more
  • Earth Day is an annual event around the world celebrated on April 22nd. Learn more

  • Hosting a solar system on-site can reduce overall energy costs, create energy price stability, provide energy resiliency, reduce carbon emissions, and generate positive marketing value. Learn more
  • Procure Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs: With RECs, arenas can “off-set” their carbon footprint with renewable energy to support their sustainability goals. Learn more.
  • Set your thermostat to a lower temperature in winter and higher temperature in summer. In both cases, you’re using less power and running a more energy efficient arena. Learn more


  • Reduce peak demand (the hours in the day when energy usage is at its highest, typically 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.) by:
    • Staggering work hours
    • Running heavy equipment during early and late hours
    • Using energy more efficiently

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  • Keep your vents clear of desks, boxes and other office equipment, and keep their air flowing. 

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  • Get an energy audit: These are offered by many electric utility companies for free. A professional will inspect your location to check for air check for air leaks, insulation issues, or opportunities to install energy-efficient lighting. 

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  • Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) bulbs use 75% less energy and last up to 10x longer than traditional incandescent bulbs. Learn more
  • Powering off appliances and electronics saves money and energy. It also extends their operating life. Learn more
  • Lower your thermostat: The location of home’s thermostat can also affect its performance and efficiency. Place thermostats away from direct sunlight, drafts, doorways, skylights and windows. Learn more