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Hear more about Constellation at the forefront of thought leadership in the energy industry. Covering topics including reliable, clean nuclear power, to pioneering technologies and energy policy insights, each clip offers a window into the future of energy innovation. Join us as we explore the latest trends, insights, and solutions shaping the sustainable energy landscape. 

Semafor Climate and Energy 2024

In his fireside chat with Semafor Climate and Energy Editor Tim McDonnell, Constellation CEO Joe Dominguez discussed how the existing nuclear fleet can meet growing power demand and solve siting challenges for advanced nuclear. 

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Bloomberg Radio April 2024

Kathleen Barron spoke with Bloomberg Radio (starts at 42:35) about growing support for nuclear energy and how it can help decarbonize the industrial sector with clean hydrogen.

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Bloomberg TV 

April 2024

Constellation CEO Joe Dominguez detailed his plan for meeting growing energy demand with more clean, reliable nuclear power by extending the life and increasing the output of the existing fleet, restarting previously shutdown plants and bringing in new nuclear technologies.

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Axios What’s Next Conference March 2024

Constellation EVP and Chief Strategy Officer Kathleen Barrón is joined by Axios Publisher Nick Johnston for a fireside chat covering grid reliability, U.S. climate goals, rising support for nuclear and more. 

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Aspen Ideas Climate March 2024

The U.S. must move rapidly to carbon-free energy and maintain reliability to mitigate the climate crisis. Chief Strategy Officer Kathleen Barrón explains how a lack of electric reliability would undercut progress as we advance the clean energy transition.

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