Ethics & Governance

Constellation is a Good Corporate Citizen

We are committed to our communities, the environment, and the highest ethical standards.
  • A Diverse and Independent Board

Members have expertise in risk management, safety, cybersecurity, and financial disclosure. The board oversees governance of ESG strategy and opportunities, and forms committees with the responsibility to oversee compliance and risk management.

  • Ethics and Compliance (Strong Policies, Controls, and Oversight)

Areas of focus include corporate contributions and political activity; awareness of and adherence to  fraud, corruption, and bribery laws; our code of business conduct; and cybersecurity and data protection.

  • Compliance in the Customer-Facing Business

Constellation maintains an independent compliance function dedicated to the customer business, which has governance and oversight responsibility for developing policies, monitoring, and training. 

  • Robust Risk Management 

We are committed to maintaining a strong balance sheet and investment-grade credit rating. This is achieved through the disciplined execution of strategic, financial, and operational imperatives in tandem with the effective identification and management of business risks. Constellation also has measures in place to protect the company from undue financial risk and manage increasingly volatile market events.

For additional details on our ethics and governance policies and practices, please review the following documents.



To report an ethics concern, please visit the Constellation Ethics Help Line.