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COVID-19 Mask and Social Distancing Protocols for Contractors

At Constellation, we remain focused on ensuring the safety of our employees and of our contractors and their employees. Please see below for updates on two key topics related to our ongoing COVID mitigation strategies – the Company’s COVID-19 PPE (mask) and social distancing policies and requirements and communicating the Company’s plans for responsible re-entry into the workplace for those who have been working remotely as a result of COVID-19.

4/26/2022 Announcement


Spin-Off Notice

We are very excited to share that on February 1, 2022, Exelon Corporation (“Exelon”) separated its regulated utility business and its generation and commercial business. The latter, Exelon Generation Company, LLC, and its subsidiaries, are now Constellation Energy Corporation, a publicly traded company.  Exelon Generation Company, LLC, has changed its name to Constellation Energy Generation, LLC (“Constellation”). This separation establishes Exelon as the nation’s largest fully regulated transmission and distribution utility company and Constellation as the largest carbon-free power producer paired with the leading customer-facing platform for clean energy solutions. All Contracts and Purchase Orders with Exelon or Constellation entities remain in full force and effect. If you are an Exelon supplier, you will continue to do business in the ordinary course.  If you are a Constellation supplier, please see this communication for more information.

Supplier Code of Conduct

Constellation values our business relationships with our Suppliers, and we count on you to help us fulfill our mission to provide clean, reliable, affordable energy and innovative energy products, and deliver the best service to our customers. Constellation approved a new Supplier Code of Conduct, which is now in effect. The Supplier Code of Conduct: (1) outlines Constellation’s expectations and standards for ethical conduct with which all Suppliers, their subcontractors, and their respective workforces must comply when working for or on behalf of Constellation; and (2) with this notice, becomes a part of the terms and conditions of the contract documents agreed to between Constellation and each of our Suppliers. Please review and apply its provisions to your workforce.


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Vendors and Suppliers Affiliated With, or Referred, Recommended, or Requested by Public Officials Policy

The policy addressing vendors and public officials is located in the Ethics & Governance section of Constellation's website.


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