2023 Scholars

Fernanda Cabral

DePaul University
Environmental Studies & Data Science
Credit Risk Department

What Does This Internship Mean To You:

“I hope this opportunity with Constellation will allow me to get hands-on experience with data analytics and applications to find solutions to benefit the business. Additionally, I am excited to connect with other interns and employees to learn about their paths to Constellation, as well as, to understand the value I can bring to a company like Constellation.”

Mordecai Ethapemi

Washington University in St. Louis
Electrical Engineering
Engineering Department

“This internship benefits me by teaching me about what the day-to-day life of an engineer is like. Both the technical and non-technical sides of it. Having this opportunity is immense and I am grateful for it.”


Favour Maduka

Towson University
Information Technology
Cybersecurity Department

What Does This Internship Mean To You:

“My internship at Constellation has been amazing thus far. I love my team. Interning has allowed me to express myself with professionals within the tech industry, utilize my skills and learn from both interns and professionals. Having this opportunity is so life changing for me because it's allowed me to gain experience within a field, I am enthusiastic about. It's opened a doorway for me and for that I will be forever be grateful.”

Katherine Moreira

Rutgers University
Electrical Engineering
Corporate Strategy Department

What Does This Internship Mean To You:

“Interning at Constellation will allow me to contribute to impactful work that will help the company towards its goals, and the goals of the entire nation as we get closer to completely clean energy. This opportunity will provide first-hand experience in the industry and allow me to grow my knowledge of the field by connecting with and learning from my mentors and co-workers. As a first-generation student, I am eager to learn essential tools and skills from the Constellation team and build a strong foundation for my professional career.”

Juwariya Omar

Towson University
Information Technology Major
Generation IT Application Department

“I am grateful to have the opportunity to intern at Constellation Energy. I believe this role will grant me great insight on how an IT department functions in a large corporation and more on what everyone’s day-to-day tasks look like. I hope to develop great knowledge and skills under my manager and his team. I will take advantage of everything that I learn and use it to my benefit when I enter the workforce.”

Trinity Sanders

North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University
Applied Engineering Technology
Nuclear Tech Department  – Calvert Maintenance

“An internship is a great way to explore career interests and build skills to be job ready. At Constellation Energy, I am grateful to have the opportunity to do just that! This summer, I am thankful to gain experience in my field of engineering, network with others, participate in training, and explore.”

Sadman Shipar

New York Institute of Technology
Computer Science
IT Department

What Does This Internship Mean To You:

“On several levels, my internship with Constellation has been really useful to me. It has given me actual hands-on experience in a topic I am enthusiastic about, allowing me to utilize and build on the information I obtained throughout my studies. Working with experienced experts at Constellation has provided me with access to their knowledge and assistance, allowing me to gain vital skills and industry best practices. This opportunity is allowing me to gain a better knowledge of the real-world implications of my academic studies while also inspiring me to continue striving for greatness in my chosen sector. This internship at Constellation has been a dream come true for me, and I am glad for the opportunity to grow personally and professionally in such a vibrant and inventive atmosphere.”