Mystic Generating Station

Mystic Generating Station Retired on May 31, 2024

Mystic Generating Station Units 8 & 9 were retired on May 31, 2024, following 21 years of distinguished service. The highly efficient combined cycle units were low-emitting and provided over 1,400 megawatts of capacity at a strategic location of the electric grid just outside of Boston in Everett.

Mystic Units 8 & 9, fueled by natural gas supplied by imported LNG at the nearby Everett Marine Terminal, eventually became uneconomic and were scheduled to retire in May 2022-- but the units were retained by ISO New England for two additional years through a Cost of Service Agreement because they provided unique fuel security benefits to New England. 

We thank our employees who operated these Mystic units to the highest standards of excellence and safety right up until the final day of service. 

Mystic Generating Station had a long and proud history of powering Greater Boston and beyond. Mystic began to produce power during World War II to help the war effort and it continued to power the region for over 80 years. Constellation is currently evaluating potential future uses of the 26-acre Mystic Units 8 & 9 site and it sold the 45-acre Mystic Units 1-7 site to Wynn Resorts in 2023.