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Pennsylvania, Maryland Nuclear Plants Operate at Near Full Power Through Hottest Summer on Record

KENNETT SQUARE, Pa. — Exelon Generation's nuclear plants in Pennsylvania and Maryland safely operated at nearly full power through consistently warmer-than-average days in June, July and August, producing enough carbon-free electricity to keep the air conditioning running and more than 5.7 million homes and businesses cool throughout the summer. The power generated by these plants also enabled essential businesses and hospitals to continue operation through some of the hottest months of the year. The steady hot temperatures resulted in the east coast’s hottest summer ever recorded. "Our nuclear facilities deliver carbon-free electricity in every season, and we know how important it is for them to be available during the extreme summer heat," said Mark Newcomer, Senior Vice President, Mid-Atlantic Operations. "I’m grateful for our more than 2,500 full-time nuclear employees across the Mid-Atlantic region who work day and night to protect our communities from the pollution that would have resulted from fossil-fuel fired plants that would have run in their place." Exelon Generation's three nuclear sites located in Pennsylvania and Maryland recorded a near-perfect reliability rate last summer as well, operating 99 percent of the time, one of many indicators that industry experts use to rate efficiency and performance. During the hottest summer and coldest winter temperatures, Exelon Generation's nuclear fleet has been critical to meeting electricity demand. Summer resiliency and reliability requires year-long planning, preparation and maintenance. Exelon Generation workers spend months ensuring that backup generators and spare equipment is ready when temperatures start to sizzle. This spring, operators and maintenance personnel inspected, tested and repaired equipment to ensure plant systems remain available at all Exelon Generation facilities during the dog days of summer.

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