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Constellation Offering Businesses Integrated, Holistic View of Utility Costs, Energy Insights Through Platform

BALTIMORE — Constellation is leveraging, a state-of-the-art energy intelligence platform, to provide business customers with utility expense management and centralized, streamlined access to all of their utility data as well as meaningful analytics.

Acquired by Constellation parent company Exelon Generation in early 2020, the platform empowers business customers to manage their energy usage and costs across all their utilities. The platform enables Constellation, the nation’s leading competitive energy supplier, to offer customers a solution to help them meet their savings, risk management, and strategic goals.

The technology processes thousands of bills per week to identify bill anomalies, generate insights, and model predictive behavior through machine learning. The platform also sends customer alerts to correct issues proactively using a direct conversational functionality that eliminates the need to wait, or pay additional fees, for information from an account or support representative. The technology has created meaningful savings for industrial, healthcare, retail store, and higher education customers, among others. Access to the platform is offered as part of Constellation’s retail commodity offerings or as a stand-alone service offering.

“Integrating access to the platform is part of our ongoing effort to invest in new technologies and utilize strategic relationships to offer innovative non-commodity products and solutions that drive value for our customers,” said Jorge Acevedo, senior vice president, Exelon Generation Innovation and Strategy.   

Mark Huston, president of Constellation’s National Retail Business, said: “Increasingly, with a focus on sustainability, our customers want to better understand and control their energy portfolio, and the platform effectively and efficiently meets that demand.”

Wesleyan University in Middletown, Conn., is already experiencing the benefits of the platform’s functionality. With approximately 1,000 energy meters, the university operates a multifaceted utility footprint that includes power, gas, heating oil, propane, solar, and cogeneration powering academic buildings as well as student and faculty housing. The COVID-19 pandemic amplified the challenge of managing the Wesleyan energy portfolio as the university continued to receive more than 600 paper utility bills per month despite most administrative staff working remotely. This created a logistical challenge and a risk to business continuity.

“I went from literally mountains of paper and a grueling 20 hours per month of data entry and accounts payable processing to having the university’s entire energy footprint essentially at my fingertips,” said Jeff Murphy, facilities business manager, Wesleyan University. “Between the centralized and intuitive analytics and the reduction of manual entry, the platform is set to completely transform how we manage our energy consumption and interact with our various utilities.”

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