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Joint Statement on the Science-Based Climate Policy Agenda


This week, ten national environmental NGOs called on corporations to adopt a science-based climate policy agenda and framework to advocate for federal policies that are consistent with achieving net zero emissions by 2050. Our companies have long supported an economy-wide approach to reducing greenhouse gas emissions that promotes investments in clean and renewable energy while at the same time mitigating the risks to our customers and energy infrastructure due to the changing climate.  
Our companies operate and manage fossil-fuel, nuclear, hydropower, solar, wind, and other renewable generation as well as electricity and natural gas transmission and distribution systems across the United States. Many of our companies have adopted carbon pollution reduction goals, yet an effective, market-based and economy-wide national policy that establishes meaningfully GHG emissions targets is critical to avoid the worst impacts of climate change. Such a policy also importantly provides long-term investment signals and regulatory certainty for clean energy technologies and infrastructure, which can spur innovation. The science-based climate policy agenda of advocacy, alignment, and allocation are consistent with our companies’ actions, and we remain committed to these efforts.   
The electric sector has invested, and will continue to invest, in clean energy in response to customer demands, state and local policy, and market dynamics. However, we agree with the call for companies to support a federal policy or suite of policies that establish a clear greenhouse gas emission reduction trajectory. Such policies are critical to providing regulatory certainty for long-term investments in clean energy, which will allow the electric sector to pursue cost-effective emission reduction opportunities, invest in the necessary electric and transportation infrastructure, and ensure our industry continues to provide affordable and reliable electric service to our customers.   
Businesses play a critical role in addressing the threat of climate change. We stand ready to continue to advocate for policies that are consistent with achieving net zero decarbonization goals by mid-century.  


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